Philosophy / Playing Time

Playing Time

At the U-10 and U-11 age group, coaches will attempt to provide all players equal playing time during a season.

At the U-12, U-13 and U-14 age group, coaches will use discretion in playing time but all players should play a minimum of 10 minutes per half of regulation length games (30 minute halves for U-12 and 35 minute halves for U-13 and U-14).

At all age groups, players may receive less playing time for failing to participate in all practices and games, or for disciplinary reasons.

Player Expectations

Players should expect that CSC practices will begin in mid August. League games could begin the Sunday prior to Labor Day weekend.

All players are expected to be at weekly practices unless an absence is previously discussed with coach.

All players are also expected to attend:

  • CSC Labor Day and Columbus Day tournament games.
  • Sunday CSC league games as well as make up league games.
  • State Championship games.

CSC coaches will work with parents and coaches to schedule additional "friendly" games in order to optimize attendance (e.g., Saturday friendly games).

Missing practices or games, without a previously cleared excuse with a head coach, may result in the loss of playing time.