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Fall Registration 2019:

CSC Registration for Fall 2019 will open on April 1 and close on April 30

Fall 2019 Registration Fee:  $115

Please Note that we have Lowered our Registration Fee to facilitate the ability for players to 
order their uniform directly from our vendor.  
An Email will be sent to all Registrants soon with Uniform Purchase Info!



Evaluations will be held on the Greely Middle School softball outfield.  
Please have your child arrive 10 minutes early for check in.  
Shin guards and cleats are required and please bring a water bottle.  
We will send an email and update the CSC website in case of inclement weather.

 To view the Soccer Maine Age Chart for 2019, click "csc age chart for 2019" to access the form.

While registering your child, please update any outdated personal information, such as new email, cell phone or emergency information.  

Most communication from CSC occurs via the email address that you have listed on your player profile, so please make sure your information is correct. 

It is very important that you list all necessary medical information regarding your child (including allergies & concussion history, etc.).  

Our coaches receive this information and it is important that it is listed and is accurate.

All players must be pre-registered in order to attend an evaluation.

Players who do not attend an evaluation may not be placed on a team.

For teams that are not full after the April 30 deadline, there will be a $25 late registration fee charged for any late registrations.

CSC offers financial aid for players (for Registration fees & uniform purchase).  No player will be denied an opportunity to play for financial reasons.  

Parents should contact Patty Murphy (pattynormandeau@gmail.com) for more information.


(To read the manual in its entirely, please click on the "About CSC" tab above and select "Policy Manual").

Below are some important changes to note - Parents should carefully review the information listed below:

Player Registration Procedure

Typically, Cumberland Soccer Club holds one player registration night in early April for the upcoming fall season.  At that time, players complete a registration form and pay the registration fees.  Players may also register online.  Registration is open from April 1st through April 30th.

Age group evaluations are held in May. A schedule of tryouts dates should be available on the CSC website by the first week in May. The current policy of Cumberland Soccer Club is to hire outside personnel to run the tryouts so that players are primarily evaluated by independent, high school level coaches.

All efforts are made to notify players of their placement status shortly after the end of the school year.

Please note that unlike other clubs, CSC does not select a coach for a team until the teams have been assembled.  Sometimes, it is necessary to prolong player notifications for various reasons, including low or high age group numbers, or to locate an appropriate coach for an age group team.

Refunds of Player Fees

Any parent requesting a refund of registration fees for children they registered shall be granted a full refund prior to player evaluations.  Refunds will not be given after this time, except in limited situations beyond a family’s control (e.g., early season injury, player not selected for U-13 or U-14 team; family re-locates).


Player evaluations are held for all age groups. The Player Evaluation/Selection Committee of the CSC Board places players on teams based upon their evaluations.  After teams are created, CSC’s Coach Evaluation/Selection Committee recommends coaches for each team to the Board of Directors.  

Assuming there is a sufficient number of registered U-9/10, U-11 and U-12 players for at least two teams, the club will establish balanced teams for these age groups.  In addition, the club will field as many U-9/10, U-11, and U-12 teams as is feasible to accommodate all interested players.  

The Club expects to field Boys and Girls Division 1 teams at the U-13 and U-14 level with a roster size of 18 for each team.  Please note that this limited roster size might require the club to “cut” some players who try out, depending on the number of registrants and player evaluation results.  CSC considers cutting players regrettable, yet has determined that limited, manageable-sized teams is the best way to ensure a high quality soccer experience for all rostered players. We encourage any player not selected for a CSC team to play on the Middle School soccer team, which trains and plays daily during the week.  

Given the importance of the evaluation process, all players must be registered prior to their age group evaluation and must attend the evaluation in order to be placed on a team.  Requests to attend an evaluation on a different date than the scheduled evaluation for that player’s age group will reviewed by the Board President and will be approved only in very limited circumstances (e.g., family emergency).

Player Commitment

The Club operates a travel soccer program.  Game opponents will be made up of other travel teams throughout the State of Maine.   Players should expect that CSC practices will begin in mid-August. Typically, most teams hold two practices per week.  However, at the 7th and 8th grade level, teams may practice less, due to many players participating on middle school teams. Practices may be more frequent near the end of the season as teams prepare for the end of season tournaments and festivals.  League games will begin the Sunday prior to Labor Day weekend.  

All players are expected to be at weekly practices unless the absence is previously discussed with the coach.  All players are expected to attend the CSC Labor Day Tournament games and the Columbus Day tournament games. All U-12, U-13 and U-14 Club teams are expected to participate in the State Challenge (Division 1) Cup.  All U-9/10 and U-11 teams are expected to participate in a Year End Festival at the end of the regular season.  

All players are expected to be at all Sunday CSC league games, as well as make-up league games. CSC coaches will work with parents and coaches to schedule additional "friendly" games (e.g., Saturday “friendlies”) in order to optimize game opportunities.  Missing practices or games may result in the loss of playing time in future games.

By accepting a place on a CSC roster, players must make a commitment to the team.  Absences due to conflicts between CSC games/practices and those of another sports team can result in loss of game playing time.  Players, particularly those at the U-13 and U-14 levels, should understand that their selection to the CSC Division 1 team means that he/she has likely taken a roster spot from another player who would greatly value the opportunity to play.  Thus, full commitment to and participation on the CSC team is imperative to the club, as well as to the player’s teammates and coaches.  

For further information regarding the Cumberland Soccer Club program, please see the “About CSC” and “Parents Info” sections of this website. 

For questions concerning registration, please email Patty Normandeau at pattynormandeau@gmail.com. 


For more information, please click on the "Coaches" tab above.  If you would like to coach CSC this fall, please click on the following to access our Coaching Application.  

Please mail your completed form to:  CSC, PO Box 352, Cumberland, ME  04021

Coaches also need to register online in order to have a background check performed by Soccer Maine.  To register online, please click on the following link: 

2019 CSC Coach Registration

Patty Normandeau,
May 3, 2012, 3:53 PM